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2019 EHS Men’s Lacrosse Team

State Championship Game

2019 Championship Highlights

Offense En Fuego!

Defense Wins Championships!

This fall's endeavor will be focused on team building,  skill development, and small sided inter-squad 7v7 games. The smaller space really helps us develop great stick skills, improved footwork, and the goalies see LOTS’s of reps.  The pace of the game is incredibly fast… good stuff.   We will be following the proposed Olympic Rules listed below.

We’ll stick to similar practice and game schedules as we have the past, 2 practices during the week, plus an inter-squad scrimmage. If the situation arises, and is agreeable to us, we may add a 10v10 game or two with other high school program(s) who’s ideologies align with EHS Men’s Lacrosse.  The season will run September to late October as it has in the past.

Proposed Olympic (EHS) Lacrosse Rules

  • Field size – 76 yards x 40 yards
  • Field markings – perimeter markings, goal circles/creases, goal line, midline, draw circle, substitution and player boxes
  • Goals – maintain current specifications
  • Game structure – four 8 - minute periods: running clock; 5-minute halftime and 2 minutes between quarters
  • Time clock stops for a timeout, end of a quarter, injury, or during a dead ball within the last two minutes of the fourth quarter
  • Shot clock – 45 seconds; resets on every possession change
  • Game and shot clocks stop for a timeout, injury, or during a dead ball within the last two minutes of the fourth quarter; resets following the end of a quarter
  • Two 30-second timeouts for each team per half
  • Squad size – 10; 6 + 4 subs (allow up to two alternates in the case of competition-ending injury TBD)
  • On-field players – 6 on 6; goalie and five field players on the field at one time
  • On field staff – two coaches and one medical
  • Substitutions – on the fly
  • Offside – both teams must hold back two players behind the midline
  • Over-and-back – prohibited
  • Ball out-of-bounds – when the ball goes out of bounds for any reason, including a shot, it is awarded to the team that did not touch it last
  • Goals – if a player is fouled in the act of shooting, the goal will count
  • After a goal – goalies have 5-seconds to put the ball in play be either passing it or running it out of the goal circle
  • All defending players can run through the crease but cannot act as a goalie
  • Draws – at start of each period and OT
  • OT – sudden victory
  • Officiating – 2 officials per game
  • Penalties – major/minor/technical fouls and related mechanics as close as possible between disciplines

Registration Questions? Please contact:

Scott Billing

Scott Billing

EHS Men’s Lacrosse Website Administrator

Registration: EHS Men's LAX - Spring 2019

Registration Link

Your $235 registration fee includes:

  • Fall Player Fees
  • Uniform
  • Kyle Harrison PRO Clinic

Call to Action: iMPACT (Concussion) Baseline

St. Luke's Concussion Clinic

St. Alphonsus Rehab Services

  • iMPACT (concussion) baseline testing is a required part of participating in EHS Men's Lacrosse.  
  • All Juniors, Freshmen, and New Players must have a current iMPACT test on file.

EHS Fall Registration Closes:


Fall 2019 Lacrosse Registration Process



 Follow these steps to register and sign up for 2019 Fall Season  (Sophomores and Seniors,  start at Step 3)




1)  Schedule mandatory Concussion Impact Testing (Freshmen, Juniors, and new players Only)

Schedule through St. Luke's Concussion Clinic (208) 381-4785 or St. Alphonsus Rehabilitation Services (208) 367-3761.

You will need to upload proof of concussion testing to complete step 3.


2)  Download, Print, and have Medical Professional complete Physical Exam Form (Freshmen, Juniors, and new players Only).

You will need this form completed and upload to complete step 3.

3)  Register and Pay EHS Lacrosse Registration

Registration Fee Includes Practice Uniform, Coaching, fields, balls,  etc . 

Freshman and Juniors will need to upload proof of Concussion Testing and Your Completed Physical.  All will need to Register and Pay US Lacrosse ($35 annually) as part of this process.

You will need your US Lacrosse Member number (LINK)  for Step 3.  US Lacrosse Membership  is good for 1 year.  New Players will need to join US Lacrosse.

Check Your Last Box!

Eagle Youth Lacrosse's small sided 7v7 format really helps us develop great stick skills, improved footwork, and allows the goalies see LOTS’s of reps… good stuff.   An exciting part of this offering is the addition of two middle school coaches to our Eagle High Program, Mark Eriksen, and Greg Harris. These two will be able to put ALL of their focus on your boys, not just “a little extra time”, as our HS group has in the past. With that being said, our high school staff and players will continue to support our youth players and coaches to develop our program. We will be VERY involved.

We’ll stick to similar practice and game schedules as we have the past two fall seasons, 2 practices during the week, and a Saturday morning inter squad scrimmage. If the situation arises, and is agreeable to us, we may add a 10v10 game or two with other middle school program(s) who’s ideologies align with EHS Men’s Lacrosse / Eagle Youth Lacrosse.

We’re also excited to be bringing back Kyle Harrison to work with both our HS and youth LAX groups. Kyle’s camp will be included with your players registration. Also included this year, will be a practice piney that’s actually your’s to keep... what a novel concept!

Who: This clinic is available to

  • Boys Youth
  • 6th, 7th, and 8th grade middle schoolers
  • 4th & 5th Graders
  • Cost $75
  • Clinic duration 2 hours

Where: Eagle Middle School
When:  October 8, 2019 - 5PM to 7PM
How:  Registration Link Above

For More Info Contact:

Scott Billing

Scott Billing

Eagle Youth Lacrosse Program Administrator


Eagle Youth Lacrosse Fall/Spring Informational Meeting

By Scott Billing 08/13/2019, 5:30pm MDT

Eagle Youth Lacrosse will be holding a Middle School fall/spring informational meeting this Thursday, August 15th at 6PM. We'll be meeting at Idaho Pizza Co. in Eagle. It's the best of both worlds... Pizza and LAX!

We'll discuss this fall's 7v7 program, the Kyle Harrison Clinic, Spring Tryouts (which will actually be held at the beginning of November this year) and our Spring Eagle Youth Lacrosse Select Program which will be taking a BIG leap forward this year! Good stuff! We'll also leave plenty of time for Q & A and to meet the new Middle School Coaches.

Looking forward to seeing you all this Thursday.

Go Stangs!

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